Tuesday, 30 January 2018

What Is Cloud Telephony and Why It Should Be Your Favourite

Cloud hosted telephony

Believe it or not, but the telephone is still one of the most preferred channels for communication and lead generation. But according to present requirement telephone like other have moved to cloud. And this has subsequently made the work easy. So now it's easy for businesses to handle the huge traffic of calls. Not only this, cloud hosted telephony system comes with a packet of solutions.

In simple words, cloud hosted telephony is a technology which moves the business telephone system to cloud-based phone system without any need of PBX.

Do you know -

  • “Gartner predicts that by 2020 a customer will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human.”
  • According to a market survey 95% of businesses are already using cloud telephony
  • Cloud based Telephony played the key role in the emergence and growth of BPO sector in India
  • According to recent market research, Cloud Telephony market in India is expected to touch $1.8 billion in 2017

Cloud service is one of my marketing tools and after reading these benefits and facts it will be your favorite too :)

1. Speed - Technology is advancing day by day. You can access any information or contact anyone within the blink of an eye. Thus you need to pace with the speed of technology. And cloud telephony helps you to do this.

Cloud-based telephony helps you to overcome the barrier of speed. It is an incredible tool which helps you handle huge traffic easily. You don’t need to train your staff for attending the calls, cloud telephony automated system will take care of this. Moreover, speed is the key reason why cloud telephony is adopted by most of the businesses.

cloud telephony
2. Call recording - Another big benefit of cloud hosted telephony is its ability to record the calls. All your sent and received calls are recorded. With this, you can easily track because which reason customers call frequently.

It also helps you to understand the customer's needs, requirements and their product preferences. Apart from this, you can also analyze what’s the peak time when customers call you.

cloud based telephony - sarv.com
3. Easy installation and no maintenance cost - Another plus point of cloud telephony is that it supports easy installation without any need of hardware. Our installation process is quick easy and seamless.

The traditional telephony system requires a lot of on-premises maintenance but the good news is that cloud telephony only requires low-cost subscriptions. Thus it indirectly saves your money.

cloud telephony solutions
4. Storage - Cloud telephony ability to integrate with CRM is one of the biggest advantages any business can take. Because if the system doesn't integrate with CRM then the sales executive have to fill the details manually.

This becomes a tiresome job. But with cloud telephony, you don't need to worry. Cloud telephony makes it easier for you. Moreover, it acts as mass storage. So, now you need to save piles of files and information on your system. Save everything to cloud and access whenever you want them.

5. 24x7 Availability - Sometimes customers call you even after the office hours.

So will you miss these potential prospects?

I guess no one would miss that.

Cloud Telephony enables you to stay available 24x7. Doesn't matter whether you are in the office or not, you can always be available with cloud telephony. This will also provide the greater level of satisfaction to your customers. Never miss a prospect with cloud telephony.

No doubt moving to the cloud can save your money. So sign up now at sarv.com and connect with your customers in a better way. 

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