Thursday, 15 February 2018

How Cloud Telephony Can Build Your Business

cloud based telephony

Let’s imagine a scenario - You have to build a building. So what will you do?

You’ll lay brick by brick, one top of the another and wait until you have to keep your tools aside and watch your building shining tallest in the whole city.

Similarly, startups today in India build the business brick by brick. Brick of dreams over a brick of ambitions over a brick of hard work. Putting the efforts in every brick they lay till the day their business shines the brightest in the whole market. But do you know cloud telephony is one of the important brick which you need for the strong foundation?

Cloud hosted Telephony- A technology which transfers business phone system to cloud. I personally consider it one of the main ingredient for building any business. Cloud telephony can prove to be extremely beneficial for your business if used wisely and properly.

Let’s know how cloud telephony can help to build your business -

Call support via cloud telephony
1) Call Connectivity- You never experience any issue related to call connectivity with cloud-hosted telephony. It ensures backup of PRI lines which avoids all sorts of failure points and confirms a smooth functioning of calls.

2) Monitoring and Measurement- Everyone desires to build a reliable business which stands out in the market. Almost 90% of call rates improvement comes by deeply monitoring and measuring the performance.

customer assitance feature of cloud telephony
 3) Customer assistance - Cloud Telephony solution ensures better customer assistance by providing 24x7 customer support. As sometimes your executive might be busy and unable to attend the call but with cloud-hosted telephony, you never miss any prospect. This makes your customer assure that you are always ready to assist them.

4) Detailed call analytics - The best thing about Cloud-hosted VoIP is that it integrates with CRM and updates the information in the system. Hence your sales executive doesn't have to update the information while handling the call.

5) Customized Call flow - With cloud-based phone system you get the flexibility to greet your customers in a personalized way according to the special time, season, or any special day. This fancy welcome appeals more to the customers.

6) Leads to Expansion - Switching to cloud-based PBX will no doubt expand your business in no time. As it helps your business to reach millions of people. With a small amount of investment, you’ll be able to generate more ROI and connect with more prospects.

innovation on with cloud telephony
7) Innovation- Technology is the basic step stone to success and innovation leads to enhancement of technology. Cloud telephony promotes innovation and can definitely prove to be a game changer for your business.

No doubt Cloud Telephony has revolutionized the way business communicates today. A web-based automated system which tracks the calls provides 24x7 customer assistance, gives detailed call analytics, manages call flows and what not.

Surely you are convinced that cloud telephony is a boon for your business with the above-discussed points.

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